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WHAT WE DO      
  Planning, Design, Management, Urban Design

PAOS offers services in landscape planning, landscape architecture and urban design. We provide quality services targeted to our clients’ needs and have extensive experience in projects that focus on planning, design and management of urban and rural environments.

Our focus is on integrating human activities with natural systems, recognising ecological, economic, social and cultural imperatives and values. We design resilient frameworks that provide structure and identity so that places and processes can respond and adapt to changing demands over time. In all our projects we seek to engage and delight people as they move through their everyday environments.

Our expertise is in: developing strategies, frameworks and policy, public involvement, landscape design, management plans, landscape assessment, reserve classification, project management, signage and interpretation. Out team has extensive knowledge and experience with administering the Reserves Act, Resource Management Act, Local Government Act and council processes and procedures.

We work at regional, district, city, town/village and site level on projects that include coastal environments, roading and other infrastructure, urban and rural spaces, parks and reserves, recreational facilities, open space networks, urban centres, and ecological and recreational hubs and linkages.