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  Public Participation

When working on projects funded through public money, it is preferable that the outcomes of planning and design have legitimacy. This is particularly important when a community is diverse and pluralistic.  

Achieving Legitimacy
Legitimacy is achieved by allowing a variety of voices to be heard. The challenge is to allow these voices to be heard and at the same time identify common ground, so that decisions can be made and outcomes achieved.

Successful Outcomes
Achieving successful outcomes through participatory processes are more likely when there are two forces working in tandem.  One is communities with their diversity and local knowledge, and the other is the resources and support of organisations such as councils and specialised services such as landscape architects.

PAOS has experience in designing and facilitating participatory processes to achieve successful outcomes.

  Project Examples include:

Bothamley Park Entrance Concepts

Titahi Bay Development Plan

Wakefield Park Planning and Design

Porirua Urban Vegetation Identification

Bell Road Social Housing

Foxton Beach Reserves Coastal Management Plan

Skatepark Feasibility Study