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WHAT WE DO      

Our approach
PAOS operates on the basis that good design is the result of good planning. Feasibility studies enable a better understanding of the nature and scope of a project and ensure alignment with an organisation's policies and strategies. Carrying out detailed research including comprehensive consultation is important for getting it right.  

Concept planning
We place emphasis on concept planning, exploring a site's potential and how it sits within the context of its surroundings. By considering all options we are able to highlight and maximise development opportunity, enabling a site to be developed to its full potential. Concept plans are also an effective tool for consulting with the client, key stakeholders and the wider community.  

In the public realm and as part of concept planning, we promote the fifth generation park where an existing park is assessed for ecological, amenity and recreational enhancement opportunity. A key part of developing the fifth generation park is comprehensive community involvement in both the consultation and implementation phases.

Design detailing
PAOS pays close attention to ensuring facilities:
• meet all the demands placed on them  
• are aesthetically appealing
• accommodate multiple usage
• are robust
• integrate with their surroundings
• expand on a point of difference
• are future proofed so that they are flexible and accommodate change
• require minimal maintenance
• are cost-effective.  

Drawings and specifications
PAOS's plan draughting and specifications are clear and concise applying current standards to ensure effective construction. We have a range of associates applying specialist and complementary skills ensuring a comprehensive and professional approach to our work. Ongoing relationships are maintained with our associates and teamwork is pre-eminent in our design process.

  Project Examples include:

Mungavin Park, Homestead and Kenepuru Stream

Bothamley Park Entrance Concepts

Mount Victoria Duplicate Tunnel and Cobham Drive

Titahi Bay Development Plan

Catchpool Valley Development Plan

Terrace Tunnel Refurbishment

Wakefield Park Planning and Design

Otaki Forks Development Plan

Aubert Childcare Courtyard Design

Hutt Park Golf Course

Bell Road Social Housing

Skatepark Feasibility Study

Karori Park