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WHAT WE DO      
  Interpretation & Signage

Our approach
PAOS takes an integrated approach to signage, emphasising the importance of a hierarchy of signs that clearly identify individual facilities as part of a family through a single branding entity. Careful consideration is given to design to preserve local identity and create an immediate connection with the significance of an area, establishing a point of difference.

We pay close attention to sign construction, materials, colour and graphics in order to establish a clearly recognisable brand. PAOS advocates linking sign design elements with interpretation signage, brochures and other promotional material to extend the branding opportunity.

Attention to detail
Ease of construction, durability, robustness, and adaptability are all key elements given to sign design. Cost is also considered closely as part of the design and prototypes are developed to assist in clearly showing the final product and defining costs.  

Maintaining quality
PAOS also develops sign manuals giving a detailed understanding of the logic and purpose behind the sign design, detailing the process from instigation through to implementation and follow-up maintenance.  This enables better coordination between the different parties involved in sign establishment and maintenance.
  Project Examples include:

Bothamley Park Entrance Concepts

Otaki Forks Development Plan

Sign System