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WHAT WE DO      
  Project Management

Client contracts
PAOS ensures both the client and the consultant are in agreement with regard to the scope of work and associated fees by clearly defining briefs and including methodologies and accurate cost estimates.

Specifications and tender documents
We develop these using highly qualified professionals and quality assurance is provided through peer review. Contract letting is rigorous, ensuring the preferred contractor is engaged. The type of contract and contractor selection process is established according to the scale and size of contract.

Site supervision
PAOS ensures effective implementation by carrying out regular site inspections, paying close attention to detail and using appropriately skilled personnel relevant to the type of work being carried out. We manage outcomes closely through monitoring of budgets, regular site meetings with formal minutes, and actions followed by notices to the contractor.

We take a 'no surprises' approach with our clients through holding timely meetings/communications, ensuring effective progress reporting, budget control and agreement on necessary variations.

  Project Examples include:

Terrace Tunnel Refurbishment

Sign System

Karori Park