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WHAT WE DO      
  Recreation Planning

Recreation planning is about assessing community need versus recreational opportunity involving either a site, a facility or particular activity/ies within a local area or district.  

Our view
We carry out recreation planning with the view that it is the other side of the coin to landscape planning. Within recreation planning we focus on the usage while with landscape planning we focus on the characteristics of a site. Clearly both overlap but when carrying out recreational planning, we see people's perceptions and usage as the primary focus.

Community of interest
In the wider context and taking into account the community of interest, we carry out surveys to help establish the level of community need and assess the level of provision for particular recreational activities. Assessments provide qualitative and/or quantitative data to identify shortfalls and put proposals in context of current provision.

Site assessment
At the site-specific level we gain an understanding of current use and people's attitudes and aspirations towards a site or facility through user surveys. This measures user satisfaction, identifies conflicts and assesses levels of use leading to a comprehensive understanding of the site or facility.

Understanding community needs
Through these assessments we understand what a recreational facility or opportunity means to the community, how this might be enhanced and what is important to retain or protect. We also identify conflicts between users and recommend how these can be resolved.

Getting it right
A comprehensive recreational assessment covering both the wider catchment and the site, identifying demand and what is important about the site or facility enables sound development or management decisions to be made. Using this information to develop a cost benefit analysis helps in assessing options.

  Project Examples include:

Fraser Park Management Plan

Winsley Terrace, Churton Park - Possible Neighbourhood Reserve

Mungavin Park, Homestead and Kenepuru Stream

Catchpool Valley Development Plan

Wakefield Park Planning and Design

Otaki Forks Development Plan

Skatepark Feasibility Study

Karori Park