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WHAT WE DO      
  Landscape Assessment

Understanding the site
As part of gaining an in-depth understanding of a site, PAOS carries out a full assessment of the elements that influence the area including the:
• natural processes that form the site character (geological, ecological and climactic)
• historical and cultural heritage features
• context of the site within the wider area
• site values (landscape and recreational)
• community of interest* and its perception of the site,
• underlying legal and planning framework including various Acts, national, regional and local policy statements/plans

In the case of development proposals, the assessment of effects on the different landscape/open space elements is carried out.  

Easy to understand documentation
PAOS documentation clearly articulates through writing and graphics, easy to understand assessments including principles and concepts. Documentation is backed up with concise, easy-to-understand presentations. We operate on the basis that good communication leads to effective decision-making.

Experience and understanding
PAOS has a wide range of experience and high degree of success with the assessments undertaken to date. We have an in-depth knowledge of organisational processes such as those followed by the environment court, government departments and local authorities and have the skills necessary to achieve successful outcomes.

*The population catchment that has an interest in a particular site or activity

  Project Examples include:

Winsley Terrace, Churton Park - Possible Neighbourhood Reserve

Walter Mildenhall Park Assessment of Effects

Plan Change 54 Owhiro Bay Assessment of Effects

Plan Change 21, 54 Oakleigh Street - Assessment of Open Space, Recreation and Visual Amenity

Terrace Tunnel Refurbishment

Porirua Urban Vegetation Identification

Ngauranga Triangle Link Road – Visual Assessment

Reserves Review

Wellington South Coast