Wellington South Coast
Wellington City Council

The objectives of the review were to confirm classification categories proposed by the South Coast Management Plan, and to recommend categories for lands not yet declared reserves. Classifying south coast reserves ensures that they are controlled, managed, developed, used and preserved for appropriate purposes.

Review Recommendations
Of the reserves that had already been declared reserve land and gazetted, the review recommended a change of classification for a number of them.  This was because the use of the land was no longer consistent with the classification category or to emphasise certain values over others.

The process leading to review involved assessing the reserves in their context, current use and reserve values, researching reserve acquisition history, establishing planning information such as legal description and District Plan zoning, and identifying any issues that may affect classification of reserves and their management.  Also included in the process was establishing current leases and licences and clarifying the process required under the Reserves Act to declare or classify each type of reserve.

The review included site maps showing the locations of the reserves and photographs and details for each individual reserve.

Review recommendations were used as the basis for a council officers’ report on lands to be classified which was released for public notification. Following this, the council confirmed the classifications on 26th August 2009.

A second group of south coast lands for classification were released for public notification in December 2009. This group includes lands which PAOS carried out reserve acquisition history research for, located in Wellington Central and the Outer Green Belt.
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