Foxton Beach Reserves Coastal Management Plan
Horowhenua District Council

Foxton Beach Coastal Reserves Management Plan provides for the use, enjoyment, maintenance, protection, preservation and appropriate development of dunelands which stretch northwards from the mouth of the Manawatu River.  

When managed appropriately, these lands will help build Foxton Beach as a resilient coastal settlement with a wide accreting beach and stable foredunes.  This is critical in times of storm surge, particularly combined with high tides and river flooding.

Key decisions in the plan recognise consequences of dune modification and disturbance of vegetation cover.

The lands form part of the parabolic dune system that is becoming rare in New Zealand.   Dunelands are one of New Zealand's most threatened natural habitats and are a landscape that is highly sensitive to modification.

Together with the internationally recognised Manawatu Estuary RAMSAR site, the dune system on the lands is a significant natural resource.

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